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If you like Emergency Medicine, fire and rescue, and have notions about life after death, you’ll enjoy reading Miracle at Mercy Hospital and The Interfacers, two novels by David C. Swenson. David was featured as the guest author at the Arrowhead EMS Conference at Duluth, MN in January 2010 and at the Gallery North in Bemidji, MN in November 2009.

Both stories are action-packed thrillers about emergency medicine, fire and rescue, and spiritual encounters. The novels utilize a fictitious machine called the Electromagnetic Energy Field Monitor, or EEFM, that can detect the energy fields that many believe exist in our bodies.

View descriptions of both books by clicking the above tab Published Books. Review additional information, see a sneak preview, order both books online today for a low price of $12.95. We’ll pay the shipping and handling. You can also download an order form.

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